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Eyelash Extension Training Academy

Our Lash Certification Classes are highly intensive and all Hands-on. Live models are provided and our class sizes are small so that every student gets one on one time with a Senior Lash Technician. We want our students to be fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise they need to succeed.

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Get Professional Eyelash Extension Services and Hair Salon Services

Southbay Lash Academy Eye Lash Certification Class Los Angeles

About Us

Southbay Lash Academy was developed in response to the lack of good and comprehensive training for Lash Tech’s. I developed the program by combining the best information and techniques available.

After taking several courses and spending thousands of dollars, I developed the training program so that just about anyone who had the desire to learn could learn how to do lashes in just two days!

Having raised four kids myself, I know that earning just an extra one thousand dollars per month can be life changing! I have a passion for the lash industry and for the person who wants to make it in this industry, I have all the tools and knowledge they need to get started and to be successful!

My desire is to help you achieve your financial goals should you desire to change your life by taking control of your own destiny!

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