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Eyelash Training Course In Torrance & Los Angeles 

Future Lash Artist
Classic, Volume & Lash Perm Certification Classes

lash artist training course los angeles
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Become a Professional Lash Artist

Thinking about a becoming a Lash Artist? Join this Booming and Lucrative Industry! Control Your Future and Income by joining one of the Fastest and Most Popular Beauty Trends.  One on one instruction with a Certified and Licensed Lash Artist.

  • Day Intensive Training with a "Certificate of Completion"  

  • Contact us for class times and days.

  • Ongoing support.

  • Business Development Coaching.

  • Digital Marketing Materials - Website ( 1 Page )

  • 20% Lifetime discounts on all products reorders upon completion of our program

Classic & Volume Lash 

$1299 - 6 Hours Hands-On Course

Includes Professional Kit ( $260 Value )

Classic Lash ( Only ) 

$599 -  5 Hours Hands-On Course

Volume Lash* ( Only ) 

$599 -  5 Hours Hands-On Course

*Prerequisite - Completion of Classic Course 

Do you love working with your hands and creating beautiful eyelashes?


Are you artistic and would like to share that talent with others while earning a great income during the process? If so, becoming a lash artist may be right for you.

The eyelash extension industry has boomed since the early 2000s and is expected to keep growing. According to an article published by Lash Talk Magazine, eyelash extensions are the number one requested beauty service in the Los Angeles area right now. Many stylists and celebrities have already begun to transition into this eye-opening field of work.


Although eyelash extension artists are not required to have any educational training, it is highly recommended that you seek out eyelash education before entering this artsy and creative business. Working within the eyelash industry requires a high level of skill, talent, precision, attention to detail, and patience. If you decide to take eyelash courses, you'll be on your way to eye lash artistry in no time.

There are many eyelash courses being offered all over the web, so it is best to do some research before choosing one. Make sure that whatever course you choose fulfills your requirements for eyelash education. You will need to know how to apply eyelash extensions and remove eyelash extensions if you want to be a successful eye lash artist.

If you need more information on eyelash courses, we recommend visiting Southbay Lash Academy website for current eyelash training course listings and reviews: located in Torrance, California.

Learn More About This Career Opportunity!

If eyelash education sounds like something you would love to try, contact us today. We'll help point you in the right direction if eye lash artistry is the life for you. We are industry leaders with over 5 years of experience serving eyelash professionals. We are passionate about eyelash education and aim to provide eye lash artists with the eyelash information they need in order to stay on top of this growing trend.


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