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Wht's included:


Lash Kit Container Box


Gel under eye pads: 25 sheets 


Adhesive - Level X: 3D’s Level X Adhesive is the fastest drying adhesive available on the market!  Ideal for American as well as Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions.

  • Low odor
  • 1 Second drying time
  • 6 – 7 Week bonding strength


Adhesive Level 4: One of the most advanced adhesives; very quick-drying and extreme, long bonding strength!

  • Heavy odor
  • Thicker consistency (slightly stringy)
  • 3-5 second drying time
  • 5-6 week bonding strength
  • 2 month shelf life from date of purchase
  • 6 month shelf life (unopened) from date of purchase
  • Made in USA  



Tweezers: #2 Extra Slim: Extra Fine Point Tweezers – 4 3/8″.  Carefully selected especially for 3D lash extensions. 3D-Lashes tweezers were designed for precision and comfort. Made of premium quality stainless steel.



#7  Angle Pro 45 degree Angle Pro Tweezers. Our tweezers feature a fine tip to easily gain control over those fine diameter lashes! Great for Volume Techniques. 12mm



#16 Angled Volume Precision Pro Series, Angled Volume (#16)



  • German Stainless Steel
  • Individually Crafted and Inspected
  • Anti-Magnetic
  • Autoclaveable
  • Textured Grip for Ultimate Control
  • Light-weight/ Less Tension



#13 Volume 4mm Tip 



Gel Remover: Our Gel Remover is specifically formulated to be thicker to stay on lashes without leaking down into the eyes. Great to use when removing a full set of lashes. This product will remove any brand adhesive without affecting or damaging your natural lash.  15 ml bottle


Lash Primer: A protein remover and primer to be used before the lash procedure. Not sure if your client has properly washed her eye area? Simply use our Lash Toner to clean the natural lashes and remove all proteins, oils and dust from lashes to ensure that the lashes are primed for optimal eyelash adhesion.   MADE IN USA  

Place a small drop of Lash Toner on a disposable Lint Free Applicator and wipe gently onto cleaned natural eyelashes.  Do not rinse off. Proceed with eyelash extension application.


Lash Shampoo: Our foaming cleanser is designed for removing heavy eye make-up or stubborn mascara. Specifically made to use for shampooing your clients lashes prior to a full set to guarantee the entire eye area is ultra clean and ready with no excess suds left behind. Formulated and gentle enough to use as a daily cleanser while wearing eyelash extensions!! Keeps your lashes clean and free of residue. MADE IN USA  



Deluxe Lash Kit

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