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#1 Rated Lash Specialist, Eyelash Training, Lash Artist
Extensive Hands-on 1-Day Training Course 
In Ojai

Become A Lash Specialist, Eyelash Technicians & Lash Artist Classes Starting Weekly in Ojai

( Serving Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, San Diego County )

Are you looking into a NEW CAREER that
you LOVE and EARN MONEY while doing it?

Take Your Career To The Next Level 
by learning to be an Eye Lash Technician  

Ojai Eyelash Artist Technician Training Course

Our onsite extensive hands-on courses have live clients and small student - instructor ratio that will be help you get started fast in just a 1 full day course. 

Schedule a 15 minute call with our instructor and discuss your goals, questions and what Southbay Lash Academy can do for your life!

Call or Text us at


See Our Past Graduates!

Check out why our graduates starts their career in just one weekend! 

Ojai Eyelash Artist Technician Training Course
Ojai Eyelash Artist Technician Training Course
Ojai Eyelash Artist Technician Training Course

Service Locations: Southbay Los Angeles Cities, East los angeles cities, West Los Angeles cities, Orange County Cities, Riverside & San Bernardino Valley, San Fernando Valley Cities, San Diego Cities, Ventura Cities.

Southbay Los Angeles Cities:

West Los Angeles Cities:

Riverside & San Bernardino Valley:

San Diego Cities:

East los angeles Cities:

Orange County Cities:

San Fernando Valley Cities:

Ventura Cities:

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